Cut through the Controversy of Menopause with a New Standard of Care


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The Johnson Menopause Method Solution!“Dr. Marina Johnson’s book ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ is an absolute  must read for all adult females. It should also be read by all healthcare providers who administer wellness advice to females. The Johnson Menopause Method™ is evidence based and backed up by years of clinical experience. Her advice is anchored in science and  delivered in a personalized manner. She tackles a very controversial subject with logic that is easy to understand. This book delivers clarity to the menopausal hormone replacement therapy issue. It is a refreshing vision of a frequently misunderstood subject.

Confused about Thyroid Hormone Deficiency


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Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Are you overweight?  Are you saying to yourself, “I feel cold all the time” when everyone else is comfortable?  Are you sleeping more and more and still waking up tired?  Do you feel sluggish and achy even when you have not done anything strenuous?  Are you having constipation or feeling depressed for no reason?  Do you have straw for hair or are you losing your hair?  Is your skin dry and scaley?

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Chocolate and Menopause? Here’s The Rest of The Story


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Statistics, the language of medical researchers, can be a source of great confusion for the average health consumer.  I encourage women to look beyond the sensationalist headlines and arm themselves with the real facts.  Knowledge that encourages you to be proactive and take responsibility for your health is empowering and will greatly enhance your overall state of health. Your physician is there to help you but it’s YOUR body and you need to be part of the team!Let me give you some background for the chocolate headline that caught your attention. For example, let’s say that 3% of the people who eat chocolates develop cavities, and 2% of people who do not eat chocolates develop cavities. The difference between these populations is only 1%. In terms of absolute risk, that means that for every 100 people who eat chocolates, 1 extra person will develop cavities (in addition to the 2 who will develop cavities without eating a single truffle).

People ask me all the time…Barbara, what’s your secret?


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Dr. Marina Johnson has been my primary physician for well over ten years. As a business woman, a sharp mind is critical to being successful. And as a grandmother, being able to crawl through the tunnels of Chuck E. Cheese with my grandkids and play a mean game of softball with them is priceless. I can honestly thank Dr. Johnson for that.

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Low Testosterone may just be Male Menopause


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John is 56 years and has always enjoyed good health but in the last few years he has noted that despite any obvious health problems, he is fatigued by mid-afternoon. He has just had an executive physical and was told that everything was normal.Life is good but he seems to be having bouts of depression for no good reason.He is getting a little spare tire around his middle. He is not sleeping well and has become more irritable with his family. His sex life is not what it used to be and this is causing all kinds of problems with his wife. He thinks he is just getting older.

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