Encouragement from Elizabeth

I want to stress that Dr. Johnson saved me! By that I mean, I knew something was wrong but no other doctor took the time to really talk to me and, more importantly, listen.  I believe that to be her strongest attribute; as women we often just want someone to listen with compassion and not label us as needing a pill.  Her in depth review revealed what I needed. 

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Many Factors Play a Role in Breast Cancer


There are many factors that play a role in a woman getting breast cancer. The body has an intrinsic, orderly process for dealing with early cancers. Understand that our bodies are constantly forming cancer cells that are quickly destroyed by our immune system. Cells in your body are in a constant state of flux and renewal and repair.  When a cell becomes “old” and needs to be recycled, that cell goes through a fascinating process called apoptosis or “cell death.” The cell virtually implodes and then the immune cells come in sweep up the debris and a brand-new cell is formed.

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‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ Is a Must-Have For Every Woman You Know and Care About!

 “A copy of ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ is a must-have for every woman you know and care about. It is that important! Women’s quality of life has suffered too long because of scarce, fragmented, incomplete bits of information that exist about our health. Dr. Johnson’s life-long mission has been to seek out, study, question, observe and connect the dots correctly in an accessible manner. Her work and ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ changes things! And you will immediately understand how when you read the book. And I speak from personal experience!”

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I highly recommend this book and a balanced hormone plan!

“I had a hysterectomy when I was 46 years old and was prescribed Premarin as a hormone replacement by my doctor. Because my mother died of breast cancer and I had read many articles relating to hormones and breast cancer, I opted not to take the Premarin. I lived the night sweats, adult acne and decreased libido/vaginal dryness – but thought that was better to endure than the chance of breast cancer, (My husband was not so convinced.) Heck, I was emotionally balanced, slept great, and had plenty of energy – so what could possibly be wrong.

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Going through Menopause Naturally

Many women suffer horribly with hot flashes, mood swings, brain fog and insomnia.  Such acute symptoms represent the body’s withdrawal from a vital hormone that’s being in your body for 40+ years. Your body is in a panic mode and trying to get your attention to do something! The acute symptoms are the worst when menopause happens suddenly as in surgical removal of the ovaries.

People ask me all the time…Barbara, what’s your secret?

Dr. Marina Johnson has been my primary physician for well over ten years. As a business woman, a sharp mind is critical to being successful. And as a grandmother, being able to crawl through the tunnels of Chuck E. Cheese with my grandkids and play a mean game of softball with them is priceless. I can honestly thank Dr. Johnson for that.

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Reflections on 2010


This has been an incredibly busy year highlighted by the release of my ebook, Outliving Your Ovaries – An Endocrinologist Reviews the Risks and Rewards of Hormone Replacement Therapy on November 20, 2010.  It’s the culmination of a three-year project that has been a labor of love. Catherine Crier told me when her first book came out, she felt like she had given birth and I would have to agree…. except for me, it was quite a protracted pregnancy!

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