The Johnson Menopause Method Solution!“Dr. Marina Johnson’s book ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ is an absolute  must read for all adult females. It should also be read by all healthcare providers who administer wellness advice to females. The Johnson Menopause Method™ is evidence based and backed up by years of clinical experience. Her advice is anchored in science and  delivered in a personalized manner. She tackles a very controversial subject with logic that is easy to understand. This book delivers clarity to the menopausal hormone replacement therapy issue. It is a refreshing vision of a frequently misunderstood subject.

From a medical standpoint, her method contains excellent concepts which are all too often missing in current clinical medicine. Patient education is a cornerstone in her method. This is wonderful and essential for women to be an active participant in their hormonal management. Dr. Johnson’s method emphasizes cardiovascular wellness and places that concern on a platform of testing looking for actual arterial disease with a painless inexpensive carotid procedure. Her book lays out easily understood and achievable lifestyle measures to enhance the hormonal therapy benefit in maintaining health. The language utilized in her book is comprehensible to the lay public. It is apparent that she is not biased toward any pharmaceutical company. It is refreshing to read a book that is obviously divorced from medical industry bias. Dr. Johnson delivers her opinions in very objective scientifically based manner. Her thoughts are laid out in a very logical and understandable manner for medical providers as well as the lay public. This book is an extremely generous offering by Dr. Johnson. Her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge is commendable. Her book arms women with essential information that will allow them to take responsibility for their own well being. Any adult female who reads this book will be much better prepared to deal with the hormonal changes of menopause. Dr. Johnson will enhance the lives of millions of women with her book. Healthcare providers who deliver hormone replacement therapy should be required to read this book.”

Dr. Bradley F. Bale

Co-Founder of the Bale/Doneen Method

Assistant Clinical Professor

Texas Tech School of Medicine

Bale/Doneen Method Website

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