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Celebrity and Patient Reviews

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Johnson’s for 3 years now. Lousy quality of life, fat, frumpy and miserable when I found her, she has changed my life. I now love living, have lost 40 pounds, feel and look 30 years younger and only intend to get better. You owe it to yourself and the women in your life to read this book. Following her program is not easy or quick, but it’s well worth the time and effort you spend. I’ll never go back to the way I was. There are two most important women in my life: my mother, who gave me life; and Dr. Marina Johnson, who made it worth living again.”

Celia D. Trimble


“Finally-a clear concise prescription for women as they navigate the challenges of menopause. Debunking misconceptions, Dr. Johnson provides a roadmap for health and vitality in what can be truly golden years.”

Catherine Crier
Journalist, former Judge and best-selling Author
Catherine Crier Website


“I believe this eBook will be a great benefit to women who are struggling in the area of hormonal imbalance. Dr. Johnson explains the difference between synthetic hormones and natural hormone replacement therapy. So many women are struggling with their hormones, hot flashes, mood swings, etc. Dr. Johnson brings her years of experience to answer women’s questions and gives practical solutions that address the root of the problem versus treating the symptom! A must read for all women.

Dr Johnson takes great care to deal with each of her patients on an individual basis. I appreciate her thoroughness in testing, studying your medical history and taking time to put the pieces of your health puzzle together. She not only uses conventional medicine but is also well versed in natural supplements. She has provided excellent care for me and my family.”

Joni Lamb
Co-Founder, Daystar Television Network
Joni Lamb Website


“Women who read Outliving Your Ovaries and use the information to take estrogen will enhance the quality and quantity of their lives.”

Daniel R. Mishell, Jr., M.D.
Professor Emeritus, Obstetrics & Gynecology
University of Southern California School of Medicine
Associate Editor Journal of Reproductive Medicine
Dr. Mishell News Release


“Dr. Marina Johnson has been the personal physician for my wife, Susan and myself for the last nine years. I am 61 years old and Susan is 62. During this time, Dr. Johnson has provided us with a level of health care that can only be characterized as extraordinary. She takes the time to listen and explain and she does this in a manner that is clear and concise. She has tailored a health management program personalized for our individual needs and as a result, Susan and I are very healthy and vigorous for our age.

I graduated from college with a degree in pre-med but chose to pursue the world of business. I have owned or co-owned several companies, including one that went public on the NYSE in 1996. I am an educated, health consumer and I research and learn about health issues that are affecting Susan and me. I have learned from the business world that true talent is rare. There are perhaps only 1% in any given field that are truly the best at what they do and Dr Johnson is part of this elite group.

Dr Johnson’s approach to menopause management has enabled Susan to enjoy a better quality of life and productivity. We both travel all over the world and have great energy. I commend Dr Johnson for sharing her knowledge and experience in her book, ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’, so other women can also improve their health. ”

Bill and Susan Casner
CEO & Entrepreneur
Bill Casner YouTube Segment
Bill Casner ESPN Segment


“Outliving Your Ovaries is an excellent, comprehensive resource on hormone therapy for women considering this as an option. Medical decision making should be made as a collaboration between the physician and a well informed patient. This book will help address many of the key questions that form the basis for deciding on what therapy options are most appropriate based on clinical judgment for each woman as an individual.”

Steven M. Petak M.D., J.D., F.A.C.E.
Texas Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology
Houston Texas


“This is a must read for any woman perimenopausal or menopausal. You will be filled with the knowledge to make educated choices about how you want to feel. The book is written as if you were in the office with Dr. Marina Johnson herself. She has a way of making complicated medical terms and conditions easy to understand. She takes away the fear created by media soundbytes about woman’s hormones and educates you with the real facts. I can’t wait to give this book to my women friends and have them be able to benefit from it as much as as I have from being a patient of Dr. Johnson’s for several years. I feel great…thanks to Dr. Johnson and you can too!”

Cindy Waldrip


“Outliving Your Ovaries is a well written book that will help empower women to make educated choices about the use of postmenopausal hormone therapy.”

Alan M. Altman M.D.
Medical Coordinator “Hot Flash Havoc” – the Movie
International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH)
Dr. Altman’s Website


“Dr. Marina Johnson is uniquely skilled in navigating the treacherous combat zone of the midlife maladies known as MENOPAUSE. Her groundbreaking research, leading-edge treatments and philosophy allow women to go through this phase of their lives with dignity and hormonal balance. As a professional woman, I survived without losing my femininity and joy of life…you can too. Thank you Dr. Marina, for touching my life.”

Anne L. Holland
Mayco Petroleum, Inc.
Anne Holland Article


“Dr. Marina Johnson has been my primary physician for well over ten years. As a business woman, a sharp mind is critical to being successful. And as a grandmother, being able to crawl through the tunnels of Chuck E. Cheese with my grandkids and play a mean game of softball with them, is priceless. I can honestly thank Dr. Johnson for that. Her approach to wellness and preventive care has kept me in top shape both mentally and physically.

I have been privileged to review ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’. It is filled with such important information that when I finished reading it,  I asked Dr. Johnson to save five copies. I want my daughters and daughters-in-laws to each have a copy. All are in their thirties and forties and need to read this extraordinary eBook.”



“Dr. Marina Johnson’s book ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ is an absolute must read for all adult females. It should also be read by all healthcare providers who administer wellness advice to females. The Johnson Menopause Method™ is evidence based and backed up by years of clinical experience. Her advice is anchored in science and delivered in a personalized manner. She tackles a very controversial subject with logic that is easy to understand. This eBook delivers clarity to the menopausal hormone replacement therapy issue. It is a refreshing vision of a frequently misunderstood subject. From a medical standpoint, her method contains excellent concepts which are all too often missing in current clinical medicine. Patient education is a cornerstone in her method. This is wonderful and essential for women to be an active participant in their hormonal management. Dr. Johnson’s method emphasizes cardiovascular wellness and places that concern on a platform of testing looking for actual arterial disease with a painless inexpensive carotid procedure.  Her book lays out easily understood and achievable lifestyle measures to enhance the hormonal therapy benefit in maintaining health. The language utilized in her book is comprehensible to the lay public. It is apparent that she is not biased toward any pharmaceutical company. It is refreshing to read a book that is obviously divorced from medical industry bias. Dr. Johnson delivers her opinions in a very objective scientifically based manner. Her thoughts are laid out in a very logical and understandable manner for medical providers as well as the lay public. This eBook is an extremely generous offering by Dr. Johnson.  Her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge is commendable. Her eBook arms women with essential information that will allow them to take responsibility for their own well being.  Any adult female who reads this book will be much better prepared to deal with the hormonal changes of menopause.  Dr. Johnson will enhance the lives of millions of women with her book. Healthcare providers who deliver hormone replacement therapy should be required to read this eBook.”

Dr. Bradley F. Bale
Co-Founder of the Bale/Doneen Method
Assistant Clinical Professor
Texas Tech School of Medicine
Bale/Doneen Method Website


“I had a hysterectomy when I was 46 years old and was prescribed Premarin as a hormone replacement by my doctor. Because my mother died of breast cancer and I had read many articles relating to hormones and breast cancer, I opted not to take the Premarin. I lived the night sweats, adult acne and decreased libido/vaginal dryness – but thought that was better to endure than the chance of breast cancer, (My husband was not so convinced.) Heck, I was emotionally balanced, slept great, and had plenty of energy – so what could possibly be wrong.

It wasn’t until my normally perfect (even on the low side) blood pressure was off the charts did I decide to take my friends advice and see Dr. Marina Johnson. I was so impressed at the time she took to know me and my physical-emotional-spiritual history. I will admit, I was a little surprised at the thoroughness of her testing.

The lab results showed I lacked not only hormones, but calcium and other nutrients. Dr. Johnson convinced me that my blood pressure problems were far more dangerous than the threat of breast cancer. She began a gradual building of a balanced hormone replacement for me.

During my visits to her office, I had the chance to read ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ as it was a lengthy work in progress. In every chapter, I saw some of my symptoms and those of friends.

I highly recommend this book and a balanced hormone plan!”

Pam Minick
Television Personality
Pam Minick Article


“This eBook should end much of the confusion around menopause.  It will get the conversation out in the open. It will wake up many women about the consequences of aging We all strive to regain the vigor and mental alertness they had before menopause. Dr. Johnson provides the basis for a meaningful conversation with your doctor about treating menopausal symptoms as a disorder that can be corrected.  It sheds light on the risks of not treating hormone deficiencies in addition to interpreting the studies that show some risks of taking certain types of hormone replacements.

It’s written by a widely experienced endocrinologist with a commitment to helping women live the fullest healthiest lives possible as they age.  The language is easily understood in layman terms and does not bog down in excessive medical jargon.

For me as a patient – She has recommended treatments that have completely solved a list of issues that cropped up during and after menopause. I first went to see her about pelvic pain during intercourse.  Not expecting more than to solve that one issue I have been pleasantly surprised by many other benefits.  In less than 5 months her customized prescriptions for HRT not only solved vaginal atrophy issues common in menopausal women but I have also been successful in weaning off of medications for mild high blood pressure (Lisinopril) and athletic asthma (Advair inhaler).  In addition, I no longer need the daily 1 hour afternoon naps to supplement my nightly 8-9 hours sleep just to get through the day and my memory is sharper than before I started treatments.  I am no longer taking the high risk drug, Prempro, for HRT as she has replaced it with safer and much more effective bioidentical hormones using transdermal delivery.

No one wants to talk about how bad sex can get as you age. Aging men get the advantage of buying ED drugs for enhanced recreation but what about their aging partner?  I found that the pain during intercourse completely killed my libido.  Once the pain was solved my interest in sex returned to normal.  My husband is much happier too.”

Dallas, Texas


“This is an incredible book to learn about your body, it’s hormonal changes and to arm yourself with much needed information to be smart about your health and healthcare”

Natasha Naquin
Advertising Executive


“Outliving Your Ovaries is a book that should interest every member of the human race, including men. Most men have women in their lives (I have a wife, daughter, mother, sister, cousins, etc.) and most women have men in their lives who care about them. Women have a unique biology that I never understood before reading Dr. Johnson’s book.

Women need to understand that even making “no decision” about replacing female hormones carries consequences! Dr Johnson’s book bridges the huge knowledge gaps between the lay person and the pharmaceutical industry, between hype and the facts, between the lay person and medical researchers, between soundbyte news reports and detailed medical analysis of studies and between patients and treating physicians. Her passion for patient care comes through on every page of the book and every word focuses on giving her menopausal patients and the physicians who treat them, the medical knowledge necessary to allow them to live long, productive, vigorous and healthy lives. Any woman approaching perimenopause or menopause and any man who cares for such a woman, should arm themselves with the knowledge provided by Dr Johnson’s book.

Mark Walker


“A copy of ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ is a must-have for every woman you know and care about. It is that important! Women’s quality of life has suffered too long because of scarce, fragmented, incomplete bits of information that exist about our health. Dr Johnson’s life-long mission has been to seek out, study, question, observe and connect the dots correctly in an accessible manner. Her work and ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ changes things! And you will immediately understand how when you read the book. And I speak from personal experience!”

Kim Young
The Forest & The Trees
Kim Young Website


“I want to stress that Dr. Johnson saved me!  By that I mean, I knew something was wrong but no other doctor took the time to really talk to me and, more importantly, listen.  I believe that to be her strongest attribute; as women we often just want someone to listen with compassion and not label us as needing a pill.  Her in depth review revealed what I needed.

I am so lucky that I can afford her services financially.  I have many, many girlfriends who cannot.  Some of them are suffering the very things I have, and some eventually will ( I now know this because of the care they are/are not receiving).  This book will empower them to speak with their current medical provider with some level of knowledge of their own needs.  That is the greatest thing about her writing this book – EMPOWERMENT.  It is horrible to feel that no one is listening and to feel you are reduced to taking whatever is thrown at you.  Her book provides fundamental, real, plain English information.  It is easy for us “non-professionals” to understand and navigate.

Health care being what it is today, we all have to take more responsibility for learning about our bodies and be willing to speak.  We can’t just take a doctor’s word for it anymore – they don’t have or don’t take the time to know us.  We women are such wonderfully complex beings and Dr. Johnson is taking us seriously.  I love her!

The staff in Dr. Johnson’s office is amazing.  They are just so darling and ALWAYS make me feel important, cared for and safe.  I have never gone to a doctor’s office where I just wanted to hang and have a cup of coffee.  These people are an integral part of the service she provides.  Some of us are really sick when we finally find Dr. Johnson.  Being greeted by compassionate and sweet staff is of the utmost importance.  You are putting your care in their hands because you talk to them more often than the Dr.!!! I am so proud of the whole staff at The Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine.  I am so thankful to have found them. Warmest regards, ”

Elizabeth Berry


“Outliving Your Ovaries is a must read for every woman. Not only because it demystifies so many controversial and conflicting views in treating menopause, but mostly because one can put that book down and feel absolutely empowered. Women can now have the intelligent and informed conversation with their doctors about their bodies that so many of us have struggled to have. Dr. Marina Johnson helps us to understand – with honesty, and decades of research – the real risks and real benefits of how you treat your body during your child-bearing and menopausal years. It’s not that this book goes out of its way to criticize or put down others’ work, conclusions or opinions. It’s that Outliving Your Ovaries gives women a FAIR view, one that isn’t backed by a pharmaceutical company, Hollywood cult phenomenon, or other financial directive. And because Dr. Johnson speaks on our behalf without that pressure, I personally find her word trustworthy. But trust is not the only reason to listen, Dr. Johnson’s credentials also speak for themselves. She is a trained pharmacist and endocrinologist, giving her unique perspective on risk and benefit of Hormone Replacement Therapy valuable weight. I have read and re-read this book since it was first published, discussed it with my doctor, and with confidence, taken an active role in my health and treatment. I’ve gifted Outliving Your Ovaries to my mother and sisters because I love and care about them. I recommend this book to anyone who is a woman or cares deeply about one: It will change your life.”


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