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Outliving Your Ovaries

An Endocrinologist Weighs The Risks And Rewards Of Treating Menopause With Hormone Replacement Therapy

“Outliving Your Ovaries” is written by endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson, medical director of The Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Johnson, a pharmacist and a physician, describes a wide body of research showing that pharmaceutical topical bioidentical hormones are safer than the most commonly prescribed hormones. In her eBook, she gives poignant, clinical stories from her 29 years of clinical experience during which she has managed over 100,000 female patient visits. These stories depict the tragic consequences of estrogen deficiency and the joy of transformation that occurs when a woman is made whole again. This eBook helps a woman evaluate the risks and benefits of HRT in clear, easy-to-understand terms so she can better work with her own physician to determine what’s right for her. It’s been estimated that 6000 women in the U.S. become menopausal every day. That is four women every minute. According to the US Census statistics, 50 million women are expected to be menopausal by the year 2020. In spite of these vast numbers, because every woman goes through menopause, it is often not even considered a medical problem. Fewer than 20 percent of American post-menopausal women take hormones. Of those women given prescriptions for hormones, half of them discontinue therapy after the first year.

Estrogen deficiency is associated with increases in heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and many other medical conditions that markedly affect both the quality and quantity of a woman’s life. Why do women deny themselves the benefits of hormones? Dr. Johnson contends it is fear and misinformation. While there are some risks from estrogen, it’s important to emphasize there are more risks from NOT taking estrogen. Heart disease kills more women each year (352,000) than the next 16 causes of death combined, including diabetes, all forms of cancer, AIDS and accidents.

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