Going through Menopause Naturally

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Many women suffer horribly with hot flashes, mood swings, brain fog and insomnia.  Such acute symptoms represent the body’s withdrawal from a vital hormone that’s being in your body for 40+ years. Your body is in a panic mode and trying to get your attention to do something! The acute symptoms are the worst when menopause happens suddenly as in surgical removal of the ovaries.

If you choose to NOT take hormones, many of these symptoms may eventually disappear.  It’s as if your body “gives up” and decides to resign itself to “doing without.”

This is where the really big problems set in:  heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and many other conditions that affect your quality of life.

These degenerative diseases represent the deterioration of your body as the effects of estrogen loss starts taking its toll. Which disease you’ll get is dependent on your genetic tendencies.  Even your life span is cut short without estrogen because estrogen reduces mortality by 40%!  That’s why a woman should carefully consider if she REALLY wants to go “natural.”

I’m not saying every woman should take estrogen.  Rather, every woman should decide for herself not out of FEAR but with her eyes wide open, understanding the consequences of her actions.   I wrote “Outliving Your Ovaries” to empower women and guide them in making this important decision.

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