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The Institute

The Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine is a unique medical practice which takes the expertise of endocrinology, and applies it to preventive medicine and healthy aging. Endocrinology is a systems-based study of disorders caused by deficiency or excess of hormones which are powerful mediators of all body systems. Preventive medicine aims to prevent the occurrence of disease by finding the root cause. The Institute provides innovative science-based therapies, which respect the extraordinary potential, which comes from utilizing the intrinsic, healing abilities of the mind, body and spirit.

Medical Director, Marina Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.E. is a UCLA / USC trained graduate and is board-certified in internal medicine and endocrinology. She attends many continuing education programs both in mainstream endocrinology and in natural medicine. Dr. Johnson specializes in hormone replacement therapy utilizing “pharmaceutical” bioidentical hormones rather that “compounded” hormones for women and men.

She believes in the judicious use of growth hormone for patients who demonstrate deficiency on diagnostic testing. Whenever possible, the goal is to first restore normal hormone function of the body. If however, the body is unable to provide adequate levels, then therapy is indicated.

The Institute is a fee-for-service medical practice and we do not belong to any managed care insurance plans. Our patients are sophisticated health consumers who are very proactive about their health. They have high expectations and recognize the value of this type of medical care. We provide a medical setting where the patient can receive innovative and scientifically-based solutions for health problems; compassionate, personalized care; and patient advocacy and education in an elegant, comfortable setting.

Reviewing your symptoms and health issues, helps Dr. Johnson determine if we are a good fit for you. Reviewing our policies and procedures helps you determine if we are the best place for your particular health care needs.


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