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Self-Healing begins with the understanding that it’s possible

You will be evaluated by a seasoned, highly-educated endocrinologist who will listen to you and discover your uniqueness. At the Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine, our patients are not numbers. We recognize that you are a living, breathing, spiritual being. I give each person the individual evaluation they deserve.

Maybe you’re not severely ill, but you have a strong family history of heart disease, as in a parent who died suddenly of a heart attack at age 50. Or you may be saddened by seeing a parent you’ve lost to dementia or Alzheimer’s. In either case, seeing such tragic outcomes in a loved one, can motivate one to become proactive about preventing such problems.

Perhaps you don’t have such a family history and you’ve enjoyed a vigorous, healthy life. However, as you approach mid-life, you’re seeing a slipping of mental and physical function. We all want to age gracefully, so that we can maintain our independence as long as possible and not become a burden to our families or to society.

On the other hand, you may already have a myriad of health problems. You’ve seen numerous, well-meaning physicians and you still don’t feel well. You may be taking numerous, prescription medications that are working poorly or not at all. If you’re chronically ill, you may have lost all hope of ever being well. Helping you engage your mind in your healing is a critical first step.   With chronic disease, healing begins with the understanding that it’s possible. Recovering good health can be a long process…you didn’t get sick overnight so your body doesn’t recover overnight. Your body is programmed to be healthy and self-heal. In many instances, we just need to coax it back to health by supporting all its basic functions.

Think of an endocrinologist as a systems analyst who’s evaluating all the systems of your body. I start with the precept that the human body is perfect. If we can restore or support the innate systems of the body, it greatly enhances healing. That’s why if any hormone is deficient, a disease develops. If any hormone is in excess, disease develops. Hormones should be at optimal levels and in balance with each other. The basic organ systems like the digestive, neurologic, immune and cardiovascular systems are all supported by healthy hormones. However, with any treatment plan I design, it’s essential that YOU be part of the process.

As my patient, you will receive one-on-one access to a highly-trained, experienced physician and medical Sherlock Holmes who strives to resolve disease by correcting the underlying root cause of your medical issues. As your doctor, I become your advocate, helping you steer through the medical maze and guiding you in deciding the safest, most natural approaches to good health. I’m supported by a hand-picked, nurturing staff who provides you with compassionate care.

If this approach to healing interests you, I invite you fill out our confidential New Patient Application.

I will personally review your application, to better determine if I have the expertise to treat your condition. The New Patient Application will also give you details about our fees and office policies.   Once I’ve approved your application, you will be called by our New Patient Coordinator for further instructions and scheduling.

Thank you for your interest in my Practice.

Dr Johnson is NOT accepting New Patient Applications at this time.

Marina Johnson M.D., F.A.C.E.