Afraid of Getting Older?

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The beauty of living into older age comes when you achieve a level of maturity that enables you to see and feel your connection to the cycle of life. You come to see the wonders of the natural world with new eyes that are both knowing and childlike in their appreciation. It’s a poignant moment of awareness that gives you a glimpse of the intricate, orderly balance of nature and how you fit into the cycle of life.

Yes, we will all die of something eventually, but it’s my mission to help you see menopause as simply the next stage in the normal cycle of life. Today, informed women have many proactive things we can do to soften the impact of aging and increase our enjoyment of life. Pharmaceutical topical bioidentical hormone therapy, exercise, healthy eating, not smoking, plus other self-care measures all play a major role in decreasing the disability of aging I challenge you to get engaged in this fascinating journey instead of simply drifting along as a passive participant.


Dr. Marina Johnson


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