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I want to stress that Dr. Johnson saved me! By that I mean, I knew something was wrong but no other doctor took the time to really talk to me and, more importantly, listen.  I believe that to be her strongest attribute; as women we often just want someone to listen with compassion and not label us as needing a pill.  Her in depth review revealed what I needed. 

I am so lucky that I can afford her services financially.  I have many, many girlfriends who cannot.  Some of them are suffering the very things I have, and some eventually will ( I now know this because of the care they are/are not receiving).  This book will empower them to speak with their current medical provider with some level of knowledge of their own needs.  That is the greatest thing about her writing this book – EMPOWERMENT.  It is horrible to feel that no one is listening and to feel you are reduced to taking whatever is thrown at you.  Her book provides fundamental, real, plain English information.  It is easy for us “non-professionals” to understand and navigate.

Health care being what it is today, we all have to take more responsibility for learning about our bodies and be willing to speak.  We can’t just take a doctor’s word for it anymore – they don’t have or don’t take the time to know us.  We women are such wonderfully complex beings and Dr. Johnson is taking us seriously.  I love her!

The staff in Dr. Johnson’s office is amazing.  They are just so darling and ALWAYS make me feel important, cared for and safe.  I have never gone to a doctor’s office where I just wanted to hang and have a cup of coffee.  These people are an integral part of the service she provides.  Some of us are really sick when we finally find Dr. Johnson.  Being greeted by compassionate and sweet staff is of the utmost importance.  You are putting your care in their hands because you talk to them more often than the Dr.!!! I am so proud of the whole staff at The Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine.  I am so thankful to have found them.

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