My mother was a simple woman who never worked outside of her home. However, she was fiercely independent and taught us important principles: honesty, integrity and always doing your best. Seeing how she died has inspired me to follow her lead.Before passing at age 84, she was living in her own home, caring for herself and her husband, taking daily walks, reading her favorite books and enjoying times with her friends. One day she suffered a massive stroke and three days later slipped away but only after each of her five children were at her bedside to see her go.If more people followed my mother’s example, the nursing homes wouldn’t be filled with people waiting to die and Medicare wouldn’t be running out of money.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful education and a full life and I thank God for allowing me to participate in so many women’s lives to ease their journeys. I love what I do and I want to share my experiences with others. For me, living is about learning and developing your mind. Did you know using your brain more actually grows new brain cells?I want to continue unraveling the mysteries of the body to find new and better ways to improve health problems. There are so many common-sense lifestyle ways to improve health that each of us can do. I love working with women who want to take charge of their health.


Like several of you mentioned I want to maintain good quality times with my husband, daughter, friends and hopefully, grandchildren, some day. Those human connections are so healing and give our lives more richness and depth.Those are more important to me than amassing material things.


I also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I’m following God’s purpose for my life and hope to do that till the end.I don’t want to become a burden to my family or to society. I want to live a full, productive life and then die fast like my mother.


Dr. Marina Johnson

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