“I had a hysterectomy when I was 46 years old and was prescribed Premarin as a hormone replacement by my doctor. Because my mother died of breast cancer and I had read many articles relating to hormones and breast cancer, I opted not to take the Premarin. I lived the night sweats, adult acne and decreased libido/vaginal dryness – but thought that was better to endure than the chance of breast cancer, (My husband was not so convinced.) Heck, I was emotionally balanced, slept great, and had plenty of energy – so what could possibly be wrong.

It wasn’t until my normally perfect (even on the low side) blood pressure was off the charts did I decide to take my friends advice and see Dr. Marina Johnson. I was so impressed at the time she took to know me and my physical-emotional-spiritual history. I will admit, I was a little surprised at the thoroughness of her testing.


The lab results showed I lacked not only hormones, but calcium and other nutrients. Dr. Johnson convinced me that my blood pressure problems were far more dangerous than the threat of breast cancer. She began a gradual building of a balanced hormone replacement for me.


During my visits to her office, I had the chance to read ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ as it was a lengthy work in progress. In every chapter, I saw some of my symptoms and those of friends.


I highly recommend this book and a balanced hormone plan!”


Pam Minick, Television Personality and Co-Owner of Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth



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