Many Factors Play a Role in Breast Cancer

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There are many factors that play a role in a woman getting breast cancer. The body has an intrinsic, orderly process for dealing with early cancers. Understand that our bodies are constantly forming cancer cells that are quickly destroyed by our immune system. Cells in your body are in a constant state of flux and renewal and repair.  When a cell becomes “old” and needs to be recycled, that cell goes through a fascinating process called apoptosis or “cell death.” The cell virtually implodes and then the immune cells come in sweep up the debris and a brand-new cell is formed.

Cancer cells first start out as mutant cells that decide they’re going to defy the body and NOT go through apoptosis.  Many variables in the body can lead to this derangement:  toxic exposure (smoking), genetics (BRCA1&2), and anything which breaks down the immune system  (stress, lack of sleep, obesity.) Underlying this whole process is the relentless effect of aging. The immune system of a 10 year old is more efficient at protecting against cancer than of a 70 year old so cancer occurs more often in older people. My book, “Outliving Your Ovaries” has a section on proactive things you can do to lessen your risk of cancer. I encourage you to get informed and follow the lifestyle habits that nurture your body and your immune system.



About Dr. Marina Johnson

Dr. Marina Johnson is a UCLA / USC trained physician who has been in private practice for 29 years. While at UCLA medical school she was selected to be the Sam Goldwyn scholar. She is Board-Certified in Endocrinology & Metabolism and Internal Medicine. Dr. Marina Johnson was an invited speaker at the Cleveland HeartLab Annual Symposium in September 2011. She has been a featured guest on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act, FOX News, The Doctor’s, Daystar’s Joni’s Table Talk, and national radio.



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