Outliving Your Ovaries


“Outliving Your Ovaries is a book that should interest every member of the human race, including men. Most men have women in their lives (I have a wife, daughter, mother, sister, cousins, etc.) and most women have men in their lives who care about them. Women have a unique biology that I never understood before reading Dr. Johnson’s book.

Women need to understand that even making ‘no decision’ about replacing female hormones carries consequences! Dr. Johnson’s book bridges the huge knowledge gaps between the layperson and the pharmaceutical industry, between hype and the facts, between the layperson and medical researchers, between sound byte news reports and detailed medical analysis of studies and between patients and treating physicians. Her passion for patient care comes through on every page of the book and every word focuses on giving her menopausal patients and the physicians who treat them, the medical knowledge necessary to allow them to live long, productive, vigorous and healthy lives. Any woman approaching perimenopause or menopause and any man who cares for such a woman, should arm themselves with the knowledge provided by Dr. Johnson’s book. “

Mark W. Walker – Attorney


“I want to thank Mark Walker, a prominent business attorney and patient, who gave me very helpful comments and even did a survey of the women in his office asking their opinion about certain sections to improve clarity and relevance.” Acknowledgement Taken From ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’

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