What kind of Estrogen has the lowest incidence of Breast Cancer?

Topical Estrogen Has a Lower Risk of Breast Cancer – WHI (2002) showed that Prempro caused increased risk of breast cancer in women. At that time it was theorized that perhaps it was safe to take hormones for five years to relieve symptoms. In compelling NEW data published in 2009, WHI researchers showed in a randomized study of 17,000 women and from an ongoing observational study of 100,000 women starting Premarin/Prempro less than five years after menopause that those women had a greater risk of invasive breast cancer than women who started HT after five years. So in essence, there’s no justification for prescribing Premarin and Prempro even for short-term use when there’s a safer alternative!

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Compounded Hormones Efficacy and Safety? No Published Medical Studies have ever been done? Do you know about Pharmaceutical Bioidentical Hormones? Get the Real Story.

As a board-certified Endocrinologist and former pharmacist, Dr. Marina Johnson ONLY prescribes bioidentical “PHARMACEUTICAL” hormones, not COMPOUNDED products. Dr. Marina Johnson is a UCLA/USC trained Endocrinologist who has been in private practice since 1986 and has always utilized transdermal pharmaceutical therapy products since the original research by Dr. Howard Judd at UCLA in the late 70’s.

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