Joan’s Ordeal: What Drives a Physician?

When I was first starting my medical practice, menopausal problems were not taken very seriously. Hot flashes and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) were the source of a lot of jokes. Well, it isn’t funny when you feel awful and your life is falling apart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had women apologize for “wasting my time” with their complaints or tell me, “Thank you for listening to me.” I would always assure them that hearing their symptoms is essential for my finding the correct solution for their problem.

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How Long Can I Safely Stay On My Hormone Therapy?

How long can I safely stay on my hormone therapy?

I am frequently asked the question, “How long can I safely stay on my hormone therapy? and I usually ask the woman, How long do you want to continue to feel well?” In all seriousness, there are no long-term studies that enable me to answer this question. Taking hormones less than five years seems to carry very little risk. However, the longer you take hormones the higher your risk.

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My Vow To Women’s Health

Could The Nervous Breakdowns of the 1960's be undiagnosed symptoms of menopause?

The structure and operation of the human body is intriguing. It is a beautifully linked, complex system involving endless, intricate processes. I am in awe of this system and have dedicated my life to honoring it and understanding it as completely as possible. Even though I had an excellent education at UCLA and USC, I’ve learned even more over the years by listening to and interacting with my patients. Medicine is a life-long process of learning, continually enhanced as a physician acquires and draws upon a rich knowledge base of clinical experience.

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