Joan’s Ordeal: What Drives a Physician?

When I was first starting my medical practice, menopausal problems were not taken very seriously. Hot flashes and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) were the source of a lot of jokes. Well, it isn’t funny when you feel awful and your life is falling apart. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had women apologize for “wasting my time” with their complaints or tell me, “Thank you for listening to me.” I would always assure them that hearing their symptoms is essential for my finding the correct solution for their problem.

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Symptoms of Menopause: Spinning Out of Control

Dr. Johnson describes symptoms of menopause

A very few lucky women sail through menopause with minimal symptoms. They have usually been very healthy prior to menopause. However, they are the exception. Most women will have at least some symptoms. These can range from a mild sensation of feeling warm, to a beet red face and drenching sweats that leave the sufferer with wet hair and clothes soaked in sweat. As you can imagine, this can be especially disconcerting to a woman who’s in the middle of a business meeting.

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Solutions Not Suppression

Solutions Not Suppression


I’m a naturally curious person which greatly affects how I evaluate a patient. I see signs and symptoms as the language of the body. This is how your body tells you and me there is a problem. Symptoms represent a reactive compensation of the body to an underlying process. Once I understand the process that caused the symptoms, I’m in a better position to formulate a plan to correct the problem.

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Healing Begins By Knowing That It Is Possible

The Golden Gate Bridge, Bridge of Hope

Giving patients hope is an important aspect of the doctor-patient relationship that contributes to good outcomes. Early on in my career as a new Endocrinologist, I saw Alice, a 35-year-old woman with Type 1 diabetes and mild diabetic kidney damage. I started her on a protein restricted diet and medication to slow the progression of diabetic kidney disease. Eager to not be missing any other new therapy that might be helpful, I referred her to a kidney specialist. Alice came back to see me two weeks later, and burst into tears as soon as I entered the exam room. Alarmed at her distress, I asked what had happened. Through her tears, she sobbed,

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How do you want to spend the last 20 years of your life?

My mother was a simple woman who never worked outside of her home. However, she was fiercely independent and taught us important principles: honesty, integrity and always doing your best. Seeing how she died has inspired me to follow her lead.Before passing at age 84, she was living in her own home, caring for herself and her husband, taking daily walks, reading her favorite books and enjoying times with her friends. One day she suffered a massive stroke and three days later slipped away but only after each of her five children were at her bedside to see her go.If more people followed my mother’s example, the nursing homes wouldn’t be filled with people waiting to die and Medicare wouldn’t be running out of money.

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A Prayer For The Women of The World

A Prayer for the Women of the World


I quietly stand in awe as I realize the

presence of God in everything.

The longer that I am in medical

practice the more I see the miracle

of the human body.

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