Topical Estrogen Has a Lower Risk of Breast Cancer – WHI (2002) showed that Prempro caused increased risk of breast cancer in women. At that time it was theorized that perhaps it was safe to take hormones for five years to relieve symptoms. In compelling NEW data published in 2009, WHI researchers showed in a randomized study of 17,000 women and from an ongoing observational study of 100,000 women starting Premarin/Prempro less than five years after menopause that those women had a greater risk of invasive breast cancer than women who started HT after five years. So in essence, there’s no justification for prescribing Premarin and Prempro even for short-term use when there’s a safer alternative!

In a 2009 French study of 53, 310 postmenopausal women, they reported that women who initiated estrogen plus synthetic progestin HT within three years of menopause and took HT for two years, had a 54% higher risk of breast cancer compared to those who never took HT. Of note, however, they reported that this increased risk of breast cancer was not seen in women given natural hormones, estradiol (In the form of Pharmaceutical patches and gels; Not Compounded) and progesterone within three years of menopause. In summary, since 352,000 women die each year from heart disease, this important information must get out to the women of America. In comparison, only 42,000 women die each year from breast cancer, but women tend to fear breast cancer above all other risks. If a SAFER therapy exists that carries a lower risk of breast cancer, women need this critical information NOW.

The primary reason I can see that’s held back this critical distinction between oral and topical HT is that Premarin and Prempro are made by Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. These synthetic oral estrogen products dominate 85% of the HT market in the US which accounts for about $1.3 billion a year and they ruthlessly protect their market share. Pfizer has enormous buying power and political influence in Congress, the FDA and medical schools. Because of the increased heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer and dementia reported in WHI, there are currently 9000 lawsuits from women who’ve been harmed. Yet physicians continue to prescribe Premarin and Prempro over pharmaceutical HT! It’s a travesty as far as I’m concerned.

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